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The way to the creation of "ESA Elektro - Schalt - Anlagen GmbH"

  • 1993:

We start with the company "Firma IBS Ingenieurbüro Olaf Schlüter", an engineering office for industrial electronics, control technology and switching cabinet design.

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  • 1995:
We are not only an engineering office anymore, but also craft producer for electrical installation: "Elektro Schlüter".
  • 1997:

The engineering office "Olaf Schlüter" and "Elektro Schlüter" changed the companys name into "InTec - Elektro-Team GmbH".

  • 2008:
To meet the increasing demands of our customers in the area of the cabinet and  switch gear design,  "ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH" was established out of the sister company "InTec Elektro-Team GmbH ".
  • 2012:

ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH is partner of the OS-Group. With the sister companies VendOs Industrietechnik GmbH, inTec automation GmbH and ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH , three strong partners have found their common future, which stand out for their services and complement each other perfectly.

Since March 2009, ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH has a 400 square meter hall,  so that we are able to manufacture cabinets and switchgear in terms of quantity and in terms of quantity on a larger scale. Subdivided in two locations the company assume the manufacturing of switch cabinet design for special machinery, but also for (limited) series production.

Valuable experience in the field of the control cabinet and switching cabinet design were collected within the "InTec Elektro-Team GmbH" (inTec automation GmbH today) before passing it to the ESA GmbH. These are now used by ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH and may be passed on to our customers.

ESA Elektro-Schalt-Anlagen GmbH
Salzgitter Straße 20+24
34225 Baunatal

Telefon: +49 (0)561 9985 667-300
Telefax: +49 (0)561 9985 667-9300

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